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Experience the benefits of using Xwork without any commitment

Give your employees the opportunity to expand their personal work environment and experience this new concept

Get insights about their work efficiency, travel model, and well-being at work thanks to our free survey and feedback report developed in collaboration with the Solvay Business School


Get started in 4 easy steps…

Onboard to the Xwork platform
Select the locations that suit the requirements of your employees
Allocate credits to selected employees
Invite employees to join
…and monitor the usage and costs of this
new way of working at any time.

Desired by companies
and employees

Xwork is an innovative app that groups more than 40 coworking spaces in Belgium. These top class coworking spaces meet the security and comfort requirements of large companies. Their geographical coverage has been carefully evaluated so that your employees can limit their travel time to less than 30 minutes per day.

Motivate your employees

Your employees' expectations have changed. So has their way of working. Limit their travel time. Encourage their engagement. And give them a framework to better balance their work and personal lives.

A study shows that one out of seven Belgian workers suffer from burn-out, due to being constantly available for their employer. And only 3% of employees say they want to return to the office full-time. If you want to remain an attractive company, you should take their needs into account!

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Optimize your costs

With the rise of hybrid working, office space is often out of sync and companies face excessive fixed costs.


With Xwork, you determine which employees can visit our coworking spaces, according to your criteria and with the desired frequency. Our solution meets the standards and management processes of companies and (para)public organizations.


You are guaranteed that the allocated budget is never exceeded and that you pay the right price (pay-as-you-use). Invoicing for services is done in arrears. There is no requirement for volume or duration.


How Xwork simplifies the way companies work


Valuable for your HR team

Your HR team can see the bookings of your teams and employees in real-time. You can instantly see how your employees organize their remote work.

Beneficial for your Finance department

Finance departments receive one single periodical invoice, which contains an overview of all shared workspaces and services booked by their employees. This allows them to have an accurate and predictable picture of the expenditure per cost center and of their needs for office spaces.

Xwork takes care of the PO generation of the variable costs and details the invoice per cost center for easy and relevant cost allocation.


Try out coworking

Find out how Xwork can improve your team's work organization and boost efficiency. Try working in coworking spaces now without any commitment!
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