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Work in inspiring and collaborative hubs

Work in inspiring and collaborative coworking spaces

Xwork's mission is to provide employees with comfortable and flexible workplaces close to home. Less commuting time, better separation between private and professional life.


Thanks to our web app, you can easily book and visit one of our 40+ coworking spaces.


Separation of private and professional life

Xwork offers inspiring and collaborative workspaces. A customized work environment where you can work in peace, away from children and distractions.

This separation of work and private life increases the efficiency of 3/4 of our users.

Reduce commuting time

A happy employee is a successful employee! Xwork promotes employee well-being by providing flexible and local solutions. Xwork's coworking partners cover the entire country. As such, we enable 85% of Belgians to work within 30 minutes of their home.


More than half of our users save 1 hour of travel time per day by working in a shared workspace.


How does it work?

Overview of available user credits and booking history
Choose the hub where you want to work that is approved by your employer
Book a flex desk and/or meeting room quickly and easily according to your available user credits

Let's talk about it

If you want your company to integrate coworking spaces into its hybrid work policies, contact us!
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